Finding Fish Tacos

I had never heard of a fish taco until 2005, when a friend who was on weight-watcher’s (although she didn’t need it) ordered a fish taco in one of my favorite “Mexican” restaurants in New York.

As I was chowing down on my carb-loaded burrito, I though “fish taco. . .hmm. . .I like fish, I like tacos, I must try this.” And an obsession was born.

I moved back to Atlanta later that same year, and since then, I’ve been on a mission to try every fish taco in Atlanta and figure out which restaurant has the BEST fish taco – according to my taste.

I won’t only write about fish tacos, I’ll also discuss new food and restaurants I encounter on travels around the country and the world.

Occasionally, I’ll talk about my cats, who are foodies themselves and enjoy the occasional side of peas and mashed potatoes.

Tonight, I’ll be dining a Taqueria del Sol, one of my favorite places in Atlanta to grab a good (and inexpensive) fish taco.

More to come!


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