Taqueria del Sol – four fishies

The fish tacos at Taqueria del Sol will cure your worries and pain. If I have a bad day at the office, get insulted by a rude mall employee, or just feel generally blue, I go to Taqueria (I frequent the Howell Mill location, but used to go to the Cheshire Bridge location more often when we lived off of Sydney Marcus Blvd.)

Don’t let the long line fool you, it moves FAST and you’ll be seated in no time. Also, know the rules before you go. Here’s the order: 1. get in line 2. order food (and margarita if you know what’s good for you). 3. AFTER you order, grab a table.

If you try to get a table before you order, I give everyone in line permission to gripe at you. It’s just rude, and against the rules. . . and one of my pet peeves when I go to Taqueria.

But back to the fish taco. It’s simple, which is why I love it. Fried talapia, three slices of jalapeno, with a poblano tartar sauce, sooo yummy.

They are addictive, and that’s what keeps me going back on an almost weekly basis. And they are cheap too!

I recommend pairing 2 with the shrimp and corn chowder or the mexican rice.

I also found at Taqueria that when I ordered the frozen margarita, I would get horrific brain and chest freeze, so I have switched to margarita-on-the-rocks. Just as good. no freeze problems.

I’m a happy girl.

Hey, it’s cheaper than therapy.

Taqueria del Sol


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