Rio Grande – three fishies

Last night, I attended happy hour with some colleagues at Rio Grande in Buckhead. I’ve been to Rio Grande several times, but it occured to me last night, that I had never tried their fish tacos.

The fish tacos at Rio Grande come in three’s, and resemble the fish tacos at Taqueria in looks and general taco make-up. Fried Tilapia, jalapenos, etc. . . They were good, but in my opinion just sort of bland.

I usually don’t like jalapeno in my fish taco, but I ate them here because I felt like I needed to add some sort of flavor. Overall, the tacos were forgettable.

To be fair, part of the reason my meal was forgettable was that I decided to order a margarita to wash down the fish tacos. We started out the evening outside, so they gave us smaller plastic cups, so when I ordered my second margarita, I didn’t think I had consumed that much alcohol.

I was wrong.

The margaritas at Rio Grande are fantastic. They go down way too easy. And if you are a lightweight like me, you might wake up on your bathroom floor mat an hour later with two kittens watching you from above. . . not that this happened to me, just sayin’.


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