Nuevo Laredo – mmmmmmm

OK so I’m guilty. . .I didn’t eat a fish taco tonight.

I have tried the fish tacos at Nuevo Laredo Cantina, and they are very good. They are salmon tacos, fresh and grilled, not fried. But I can’t give them an honest and accurate review because I am so distracted by the Brisket Barbacoa.

Brisket Barbacoa.

It just sounds yummy.

I’m a good Jew. I eat brisket at several jewish holidays. AND I am addicted to mexican food. So when Nuevo Laredo introduced my Jewish heritage to Mexican barbecue, I fell in love and said, “I do.” So, I order it every time I go to Nuevo Laredo.

I’m still full from dinner and my margarita. I only had one margarita, to avoid last Thursday night’s “incident.”

So, check out Nuevo Laredo if you havent been:
495 Chattahoochee Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia, 30318


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