I literally ate the world this weekend. OK, not literally, because then we would all be in my belly.

I seriously don’t want to look at food (or wine for that matter) for a year. This presents a problem because next week I’m going to the Adirondacks for a “college reunion” of sorts with all my good college friends.

They all also happen to be awesome in the kitchen, and will probably prepare mountains of yummy food. I mean we have menus planned for the week, enough said. I’ll just have to go running, or work out some to work up a good appetite for this week.

So, in two days I’ll be in a cabin in the woods, communing with nature.

I wonder if you can make fish tacos out of lake trout (or whatever fish reside in the lake), perhaps I’ll have to make a small attempt.

On my way home now – Goodbye Orlando.


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