Fishing for Atonement

Sundown tonight marks Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement. Being a generally bad Jew, I do try to observe the Holy day by fasting to cleanse body and soul of all of my “sins” of the year and ask forgiveness for the coming year. This year will be especially hard because I’ve been sick, and not eating that much, so I’ll really feel the hunger and suffering of my people for 24 hours.

Yom Kippur is usually followed by a “break the fast” dinner with every kind of jewish delicacy including gefilte fish. Gefilte is not a type of fish, but rather deboned ground up poached fish patties made from carp or pike. Sounds appetizing right?

Well, if you grow up eating “fish balls” as we lovingly refer to them in my family, they are actually pretty good, once you get past the texture and the pale coloring of the patty or ball.

It makes me wonder how a gefilte fish taco would taste. . . I’d probably have to spend my next Yom Kippur asking for forgiveness if I created that dish.


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