mmmmm El Taco- four fishies

Tonight, I had an affair. . .with a succulent, seductive Fish Taco, from El Taco.

I’ve been true to my fish taco from Taqueria del Sol for a couple of years, since I first tried it when my friend introduced me to the great taco “stand” on Cheshire Bridge.

But tonight, I wanted to flirt with the unknown. I wanted to try something new and tantalize my tastebuds. I’ve heard great things about El Taco, and when I walked in and they handed me my “lucky coin” and suggested the Queso Royale, I knew I was in for a night to remember.

I ordered the Fried Fish taco, and also a Mole Chicken taco, because a girl likes to keep her options open. But, although the two fought for my affections, the Fish Taco earned most of my attention during the meal. I mean, I enjoyed the Mole Chicken, it’s also great if you are looking for dark and robust flavors with a little bit of sweetness.

But the jicama-serrano slaw, sprouts, and toasted sunflower seeds combined with the fullness of the fried fish ravaged my taste buds and showed me what I’ve been missing while I’ve been biding my time.

Now, Taqueria’s Fish Taco has a special place in my heart. And when I’ve had a bad day, or just need that familiar comfort, I’ll be there in a heartbeat. But when I need a good romp of flavor to rock my world, I’ll be visiting El Taco.


2 thoughts on “mmmmm El Taco- four fishies

  1. Taqueria del Sol (TdS) … now there's a fish taco! I've searched the world for any fish taco to unseat TdS' seat on the high throne of fish taco awesomeness — dinners including taco stands in Argentina, Oklahoma, Los Angeles, Munich and Texas — and TdS sets the standard. Nothing even comes close. But perhaps TdS needs to compete with itself. I say we organize a taste test through which fisch tacos from all three TdS stands face off against each other. Then we'll know whether Cheshire Bridge or Howell Mill or Decatur have the best. To the victor goes the spoils!

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