Love Me Two Times Brie-By

So, I think a certain colleague’s puns are rubbing off on me, but if you can’t tell from the title. . .I didn’t have fish taco last night — Because, I don’t think fish taco and Brie would be very good.

I landed in Orlando last night, and met a friend for a late dinner. We stopped into a restaurant called Urban Flats, looked at the menu to see if there was anything we would like, and my eyes grazed across one item, and I knew that we had found THE place for dinner.

What was the item?

A Turkey, Pear and Brie “flat” (or flatbread)

If you know me, you know I can’t resist a good Brie. It’s the 1/14 of me that’s french. And couple it with pear. . .mmmm. . .heaven.

The turkey? Sure, not really a turkey fanatic, I could probably live without it, but I was feeling rather adventurous, hanging out in downtown Orlando for the first time for real, so I ordered the flatbread, and a McManis Chardonnay to wash it down.

So the waitress, who was kind of pissed off that we walked in at 10 p.m. on a Tuesday, as they were getting ready to close, brings us a starter of lobster bisque. Only, now I’m not so sure it was lobster bisque. . .but whatever it was, it was to die for.

If you have ever been to the Olde Pink House in Savannah and have enjoyed their fantastic She-Crab Soup, with the hint of sherry (mouthwatering just to think about), that was what this soup was. Like an orgasm in a bowl. I could have bathed in it. So good.

Then, the flatbreads came out, and mine had an unexpected ingredient — honey-mustard. Now, if I read the menu, it wouldn’t have been unexpected. But it was a pleasant suprise, because the mustard married together all of the flavors of the brie, turkey and pair. A delightful combination, and I was sorry I couldn’t finish the whole thing. I did end up abandoning some of the turkey and focusing more on the pear and brie, but I think that the lobster soup stole the show for me.

The ambiance in Urban Flats is cozy, yet hip/trendy. It was quiet, probably because it was 10 p.m., but I enjoyed the curved design of the restaurant, and the overall warmth and glow of the place.

AND, I found out about this event they have called “wine down wednesdays” — which my colleague Michelle and I are going to stop by after work — because I didn’t know last night, but I was dining on the ground floor of the Orlando office.

Small world, isn’t it?

So, Urban Flats — twice in one week. I’d say that gets four fishies.


One thought on “Love Me Two Times Brie-By

  1. Hey, not sure if you have checked out the blissful glutton's blog. I trust her taste in food….well, her fam is from Mexico and a couple of years ago she wrote about the following places: El Rey de Taco, Las Tortas Locas, Taqueria La Oaxaquena, Zocalo Taqueria, etc. Maybe some are worth adding to you list? Regarding the former, she recommends the goat, beef cheeks, and pork…

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