Travels with Mom – Finale in Mexio

More fish taco blogging to come this weekend/next week. Until then, enjoy the final installment from mom in Mexico!

Subject: Final Update

As I sip my coffee and eat my bagel and cream cheese (heaven!), I thought I would tell you about our last day and night at the spa. When we woke up in the morning the pod person who was masquerading as my sister was gone and my real sister was back! I was so relieved. I knew this, because the first thing she said to be was,” I don’t feel like having any more massages or treatments. Let’s cancel our appointments and just have a day to ourselves.” Eureka! My sister is back!!! I could not wait to cancel the appointments. I had been pummeled and beaten enough for one trip. Of course, there were the usual things we still had to contend with like the elevator and the door to our room.

The elevator only stayed opened long enough to allow one person to get inside before the very heavy doors started to close. It did not have a very good sensor so if you got caught in the doors it gave you a really good squeeze before the doors would release. If you stuck your arm in between the doors to try to stop them G-d help you. No one did that twice! We decided this was part of the daily treatments. I always seemed to be the one getting squeezed the doors (I’m not as fast as everyone else). So, If nothing else, I have been compressed by four inches.

The door to our room was a challenge I will truly not miss! We would put the magnetic key in, the green light would go on, push the door and nothing. This we would do repeatedly working up to full body slams into the door. At some point, the door would decide to open and we would go flying into the room. We were convinced that we were going to end up flying out the window. This didn’t just happen once. We went through this ritual every time we had to get into our room. Obviously, this is designed as a workout. Repeated requests to fix our door produced nothing.

But I digress, I promised to tell you about the last day and evening. We had a perfectly lovely day. The weather was beautiful. The night before while having cocktails(Margo and I managed to commandeer our own bowl of nuts) with the lovely ladies, a plan was made for a group of us to go out for dinner on the last night. We had eaten every meal in the hotel and thought this would be a nice change. Also, we figured if we got Montezuma’s revenge it wouldn’t show up until we were already home.

Margo and I were having a wonderful last breakfast in the regular dining room when a couple of the lovely ladies came in to tell us that there had been a change in plans for that evening. The staff in the Spa dining room was doing a special farewell dinner for all of us who were leaving and would we please join them for this special farewell dinner instead of going out that evening. Wanting to be part of the group and spend the last night with the lovely ladies we agreed to go to the Spa Farewell Dinner.

Margo and I had a perfectly wonderful day shopping, reading and relaxing. We got ready for cocktails and the Farewell Spa Dinner. Everyone was dressed up, coifed and wore their newly purchased jewelry. We had our cocktails (and nuts, of course.) and then went in for our special dinner. It started out well. The table was set and decorated beautifully with birds and trees made out of flower pedals. We had our choice of red or white wine and we EACH got a salad of unwilted lettuce, tomato and onion. Then, we were served the exact dinner that convinced me never to eat in the Spa dining room EVER again and it tasted JUST as BAD as the FIRST time I ate it. I didn’t even bother cutting it up for the cats. I knew they would be insulted. I was ready to leave and try to make it to the other restaurant before it closed but the ladies convinced me to stay, because there would be chocolate cake for dessert. I was skeptical, but I am a sucker for chocolate. After a long wait the waiters came around and asked if we would like coffee or tea and then the dessert trays came out. I could not believe what was set in front of me!!!! STEWED PRUNES!!!!!!!! That was our special dessert. There was a collective groan from ALL the women!!!

Well………all I can say to that is if I had eaten those prunes they would have launched a new Delta Concord flight

from Mexico to Atlanta yesterday christened with my name.



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