So, Vegas was a big blur, mostly spent working, BUT I did get fish tacos in, so I have some eatings to report.

Between two early early mornings of live television morning show shots and a week full of long days working, I was HUNGRY!! Plus, my honeymooner neighbors (or maybe they were having a torrid affair) kept me up most nights with their own soundtrack, so I felt like I should make up for the calories they were burning at all hours of the day and night in Las Vegas. . . and I’ll never be able to hear Michael Jackson’s P.Y.T. the same way again, by the way.

So, on day 1 of Vegas, we had a client dinner at Margaritaville, and of course, I ordered the fish tacos. I ordered the pan-fried and not blackened. Probably a mistake. I think if I ordered blackened it would have had more flavor. Also, although the rectangular chunk of fish tasted good and fresh, it was just too large for me to get all of the other flavors of the taco. However, I LOVED the loaded nachos that we ordered as an appetizer, and that was part of the reason I only finished about 1/4 of my taco plate when it came.

On another Vegas evening, we decided to go to Dos Caminos at the Venetian. I have a very special relationship with Dos Caminos, because I had my very first tequila shot at a location in New York, and ended up in Pennsylvania that very same night. It was a night to remember.

Anyhow, the guacamole at Dos Caminos is to die for, as is the prickly pear margarita. yummo. And the Fish taco. . .mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. That’s my review.

I wish I could elaborate more, but all other memory was drowned out by my SECOND visit to Dos Caminos last week, which was preceded by two glasses of wine at a party, followed by two prickly pear margaritas. So really all I remember is yummy.

But I won $25 on roulette that night, so even inebriated, I still gamble responsibly.

So Vegas, you were good to me. I left a winner this time. It’ll be a while before I return.

8 days in Vegas is A LOT!

So, I probably won’t have any Fish Tacos for thanksgiving dinner, but there will be lots of family in town this week, which means lots of eating out (and lots of dinners bought for my poor single broke ass)!

Happy Thanksgiving All!


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