Holy Taco Batman – five fishes

I have a few vices in this life. . .ok I have a lot of vices in this life and a few months ago my friend Heather send me an e-mail with a subject line that tempted me with two highly ranked vices: “Tequila + Taco’s!”

It seems that Holy Taco (the best name ever btw) in East Atlanta has a tequila tasting the first Thursday of every month, pairing three tantalizing tequilas with mouthwatering tapas.

Since it’s been a looooong time since I’ve had me a fish taco, and I’ve neglected this blog since Thanksgiving, I figured, why not start of the new year with a bang? So Heather and I braved the blizzard of 2010 and went to East Atlanta for a truly religious experience.

Our waiter (who was amazing as well) brought us two tasting plates, because I didn’t want to share. I started out with the Blanco tequila “rested 60 days in stainless” paired with a yummy date stuffed with valdeon cheese. I can only describe this date as “dessert.” It melted in my mouth, and then I chased it with the tequila, and really, I could have had six more.

But no, I took a breath, and a sip of water to cleanse the palate and moved on to the Reposado, “aged 8 months in oak” paired with beef chorizo stewed in hard cider. The chorizo paired with the Reposado was spicy, but in that good kick-in-the-pants, tequila sunrise, kind of way. The Reposado was still smooth though, providing a good contrast.

To continue my backwards treck from dessert to appetizer, I ended my flight with the Anejo “aged 18 months in oak” paired with a cold water oyster. Normally, I don’t like oysters. Now, you may be surprised, being oysters are aphrodisiacs, and I’m so skilled at weaving euphemisms into this blog. But I surprised myself tonight because I LOVED this oyster. It was succulent and salty, and paired with the Anejo, I could have had about 10 more oysters and shots of tequila and found someone to test out that aphrodisiac theory.

After three shots of tequila (for a girl who on New Year’s eve would only take one shot for fear of not being able to hold her liquor) I decided it was time to taste the fish tacos, or Pescado frito as they are called on the menu. I ordered one, thinking that I wouldn’t be very hungry.

The Pescado frito come with either corn or flour tortilla. Being a good taco connoisseur I ordered the corn tortilla, which come in several layers. The taco comes with a sizable piece of fried tilapia. As you bite into the Pescado frito, the heavens open up and angels fly around your head and sing. Maybe it was the three shots of tequila, but the flavors in the taco combined perfectly. So much so, I ordered a second one.

You might think Heather and I were done. . .but no. Our fabulous waiter uttered the word, “Churros” and I said “yes, please.”

I was thinking he’d bring out some long cinnamon sticks that you get at a state fair, but no. What he brought was a Lincoln log house made of dough, cinnamon and sugar, with a little bucket of melted chocolate on the side. The logs just melt in your mouth. If you only eat one thing at Holy Taco, eat this. Heather and I finished the whole house by ourselved (we’re thin thin girls too). But you can easily share with six of your friends.

The best part of the whole meal? We didn’t even break the bank. Reasonably priced, fabulous service, amazing food. It doesn’t get much more holy.

Holy Taco
1314 Glenwood Ave
East Atlanta
Zoe McNutt – Owner
Chef Robert Phalen


2 thoughts on “Holy Taco Batman – five fishes

  1. Sounds tasty. Not only do I love fish tacos but tequila as well. Looks like I'll be needing to make a run to Holy Taco.Were the tequila tastings reasonably priced?

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