Keener for Fish Tacos

My colleague Nick is in Vancouver right now, and sent me a word of the day: “Keener”

A Keener is sort of like a geek or a nerd. I’m a keener for Fish Tacos.

Although I haven’t had any lately, other than last Saturday, I did enjoy two fish tacos at Taqueria del Sol, but since I go there several times a month, I need to branch out.

When I was in Orlando a couple weeks, I did go to a place called Tijuana Flats, and figured I’d order a fish taco. . .but alas, there were no fish tacos on the menu. However, I had an incredibly yummy Chicken Quesadilla, and they have this crazy sauce bar with the best variety of hot sauces. My cousin Dana, who’s crazy about condiments, would love this place.

UPDATE: I ate fish tacos at PURE Taco last weekend. and I’m trying another restaurant with Heather tomorrow. I’ll blog about it shortly. Fear not 5 readers, fear not.


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