Next weekend I’m heading to New Orleans for my first-ever Mardi Gras experience. I’m going to a ball and everything. I get to buy a gown. It’s all very glamorous.

I’ve only been to New Orleans one other time, and I survived that weekend off of a drink called “Grandma,” Amaretto Sours (my college beverage of choice), and a bevy of other spirits. Note the lack of mention of food. Actually, the only thing I think I actually ATE that weekend was a really good Tri-Tip Steak. I was sick for about a week after that trip.

Anyhow, my friend Beth and I are “in training” for this year’s Mardi Gras. We decided that our livers need to be in good working order for next weekend, sure to be a repeat of my last visit, hopefully filled with more food (after all, I eat more now than I did as a poor college student) to balance the alcohol count.

So this preamble brings me to last Friday night, when I was “training” for Mardi Gras, and trained a little too much, causing me to wake up on Saturday with one of the worst hangovers I’ve had in about 6 years. I’m not proud of this fact, I felt like a stupid college kid all over again.

However, after a day of recovery, Beth suggested we go to PURE to grab some dinner. I figured, I needed some purification, and maybe even a fish taco.

Of course, because we both were STARVING not only did we order guacamole, but also these awesome crab fritters, and I ate about half of the basket of chip and salsa. I also ordered a little “hair of the dog” with a glass of Sangria to ease the remaining pangs of discomfort (aka shame) of the night prior. However, by the time my fish tacos came, I was stuffed.

I think my taste buds were a little off that night, and although the insides of the taco tasted great, I wasn’t a big fan of the tortilla (I think it was corn). Maybe I’m just spoiled by the tortillas at Holy Taco, so now I’m being a tortilla snob, but these just didn’t suit my taste.

The service was great, attentive and fast. I really want to go back when a) I’m not hung over and b) try other things on the menu, because they had some tasty tasty sounding entrees.

Check out the menu here.

So tonight I’m heading out with Heather to Lupe Taqueria, where I might even try a Goat Taco. I’ll take it easy on the tequila though, I’m in the tapering off phase of Mardi Gras “training.”


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