Final Atlanta Fish Taco Madness

I decided in March to live everyday of my last days in Atlanta like it was the weekend, and lucky for you, my five blog readers, I have some fish taco reporting to do.

So. . .what did I choose for my final fish taco Atlanta blowout?

1. Lupe: Went with Heather, it was so incredibly good, I completely forgot to blog about it. The fish tacos are amazing, and so are the pomegranate margaritas. Definitely going to Lupe when I’m back in town.

2. La Fonda: I’ve lived in Atlanta the majority of my life, and I’ve NEVER had the fish tacos at La Fonda. My wonderful Atlanta colleagues took me there for my farewell dinner, and I believe most of us ordered the fish tacos. My boyfriend Dallas came along and he also had his FIRST fish taco. I was a little nervous, since I hadn’t ever tried their fish tacos, if this would be an appropriate “first time,” after all, I wanted the experience to be good. I had also booked a final visit to Holy Taco with Heather for the following night, so i decided this would be a good starter taco. We both enjoyed the Fish Tacos at La Fonda, as did my colleagues who ordered. I felt confident that Dallas was ready for Holy Taco.

3. Holy Taco: Heather, Dallas and I got to Holy Taco STARVING. We were ready for some fish tacos, and saved room for the awesome log cabin of churros. After much hype about how these were my new favorite fish tacos in Atlanta, I watched Dallas try his second fish taco. Judging from his facial expression and his description of the taco (which was profound, and I remember being extremely impressed by his interpretation of the taco. . .but I was tipsy and didn’t write it down), he also enjoys the Holy Taco fish tacos. Then, the three of us polished off the Churros, and went home happy and full.

But, alas, I did not go to Tacqueria one final time, so I’ll have to go the next time I’m in town.

I’ll miss you Atlanta, and your fish tacos, but I’ll be back often, so be ready!


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