How about them Egg rolls?

I’m here now in Orlando, having packed up and relocated to my company’s Orlando office. After an adventurous drive with two meowing cats, Dallas and I arrived in Orlando with a couple of days free of unpacking, since my stuff wasn’t going to show up until Wednesday.

Driving around looking for a place to eat on Tuesday, we found a restaurant called BJ’s. Now, BJ’s is a chain, but they brew their own beer, so it seemed like a good option before heading over to Universal for the afternoon.

Now, I ordered a fish taco, of course, since it was on the menu and my first for Orlando, but I’ll get to those in a minute. . .first, the Egg rolls.

We should have known when we asked the waitress, “how are the avocado egg rolls?” and she answered, “well, you have to really like Avocado. . .because it’s A LOT of avocado.” — so of course we said “yes, please?” and a few minutes later, she delivered a plate of the egg rolls.

And yes, it’s A LOT of avocado. Amazingly awesome avocado, wrapped in the fried yumminess paired with a tamarind dipping sauce that I could put on everything.

They are like crack. So much so that Dallas and I went back TWO MORE TIMES to BJ’s, for the avocado egg rolls and their Jeremiah Red brew. We ordered other things as well, but I can still taste those egg rolls when I think about them.

So. . .how was the fish taco? It was a pretty decent fish taco, fried halibut with chipotle mayonnaise, Santa Fe dressing, Napa cabbage, carrots, red onions and cilantro. It also came with an Avocado sauce. However, the tortilla didn’t seem to be able to hold the weight of everything inside, so I went to a knife and fork to eat it.

But, if you like avocado, and you like egg rolls. . .go to BJ’s and form a new addiction.

Also, I just discovered you can place online orders for pick-up. . .this is dangerous.


One thought on “How about them Egg rolls?

  1. Sounds tasty. I went the BJs went I was down in Orlando for my cousins wedding. Didn't try the egg roles but the beer wasn't bad.I still want to see some pictures. Adventures of the Epicureman is about to come alive again, so stay tuned.

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