Eating my Way Through Birmingham

This week, I’m working at Travel South Showcase (Edelman, my employer’s, client). This showcase always involves a lot of eating, lots of meal functions, wining and dining, eating out. . .and this year is no different.

Last night I had the pleasure of eating at Chef Frank Stitt’s Highlands. I thought I was going to his restaurant Bottega, which is also supposed to be wonderful, but this was a pleasant suprise, AND I got to say hello to Stitt himself.

The meal was to die for, and although there was no taco eating, I did have a tuna tower (with an Avocado layer, I know Dallas would be proud) that I managed to devour. We also ordered beef carpaccio, which I haven’t had since my parents used to take us to Buckhead Diner. It melted in my mouth. . .mmmm. I’m salavating just thinking about it again.

My main entree was the lamb. . .and if you’ve read previous lamb posts, you know my love of lamb. I know, I know. They are cute and cuddly. But, they just taste so damn good. Sometimes the cutest creatures just make good entrees (lamb, duck, rabbit. . .).

We finished the evening with an assortment of desserts from chocolate cake to strawberry shortcake (my favorite of the evening) and a moscato wine (also my favs). Overall, major foodgasm of an evening.

So today, I’ll probably fast, because we have a VIP reception, followed by an Alabama Welcome Party, which means TONS more food and wine.


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