I’m now a Fish Taco Fanatic

Hello my five readers, and welcome to my new Fish Taco blog. It seems I am not alone in my fish taco search – and someone on wordpress already has my old blog name. . .were they inspired by my Atlanta search? http://fishingfortacos.wordpress.com/

Well, fishingfortacos.blogspot.com is now formerfishtacofanatic.wordpress.com.

Why the change?

Well,  seemed like an appropriate time in my life to change over to wordpress. I can add more food photos and other cool things. WordPress seemed easier to use, and now I can be a FANATIC about fish tacos. Exciting.

So stay tuned for more eating updates, and some other news to come as well.


6 thoughts on “I’m now a Fish Taco Fanatic

  1. Hey there. Good to start things news. But I have to wonder, are you going to move back to the previous blog in a few weeks (like another move some learned about of late?). 😉

    Happy to read your fish taco escapades anywhere, anytime. Be sure you try Pura Vida in ATL when you have the chance. Muy Bueno. And also please support our growing group of folks who are boycotting Taqueria del Sol as a result of their shift in service earlier this year (particularly at the Howell Mill location).

  2. Nick is the man but I cannot support his Taqueria boycott. I just can’t.

    That said, I am glad to see you finally made the switch to WordPress. By doing so, you’ve raised your five readers’ expectations to actually view pictures of the tacos you consume.

    Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  3. Yes, photos are coming.

    And, Taqueria is my favorite, and I’ve missed it a lot, life just isn’t the same without their fish tacos and a bowl of shrimp/corn chowder. So I don’t think I can support the boycott, but I can give them really dirty looks in Nick’s honor the next time I go.

  4. Now I am all pressured like I need to move to wordpress. Why is it better? I like how I can read all my bloggers on my news page in blogger and can keep info in the sidebars and that it is google.

    I sure ain’t getting readers there tho. And work started blocking blogger last week. tho i am sure that means they are blocking wordpress too.

    ****peer pressure***

    Isn’t there a way to port your posts from one into the other, too?

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