Birthday Taco

It’s my birthday, my b-b-b-birthday. And to help make me feel like a five-year-old, instead of a 28-year-old, I’ve somehow managed to get strep throat.

I know exactly how I got it. Last week, on an Orlando-Atlanta flight, packed full of children sad to leave Disney World, I was sitting next to a family with two sick kids. One kid, a little boy, was coughing up a storm. His dad gave him a big plush toy to cough into. Then I heard his mom talk about how he had strep throat. 

Great. Thanks parents for bringing your germ-spewing kid on an airplane. I knew then that I would contract his illness, because, I catch everything. Especially on planes.

Sure enough, come Wednesday I had a sore throat, and this morning I finally mustered up enough courage to look at my throat. And there they were, the little white dots that I used to see so often in my childhood. Sure sign of strep.

So today I went to the doc-in-a-box, who prescribed mass quantities of antibiotics to kill this infection. I refuse to spend my birthday weekend sick.

Tonight, I’m jetting back to Atlanta for my birthday weekend. I’ll be dining this evening with my sweetie at Lupe!

I love Lupe, and I didn’t give it a long review last time I went, so I feel that this will be a good first review for Fish Taco Fanatic.

So, look to hear more about Lupe. I’ll eat my first fish taco in my now “late 20’s,” and I’ll be sure to enjoy a pomegranate margarita, I’m sure that will cure a sore throat.


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