I’m having massive sushi cravings. So much so, that I’m attempting to schedule a dinner with friends next week, at a sushi restaurant. I don’t know if I can wait that long.

In Atlanta, to cure these sushi cravings, I’d often visit the sushi section of Whole Foods. They have really fresh, wonderful sushi. Good for a quick fix. I’ve tried Publix sushi also, but I’m always a little scared that it’s been out for a long time, and I might end up with food poisoning. I’ve been safe so far with Publix sushi. . .but it’s just not as fresh tasting as whole foods.

I’ve been to a few sushi places in Orlando, but I miss my Sushi haunts in Atlanta. Harry and Sons is probably my first choice, located in Virginia Highlants. There, you can enjoy sushi, kick-ass martinis, and yummy miso soup.

My friend Michelle also recently turned me onto seaweed salad. To some, this might sound horrible, but I assure you it’s quite tasty. The only downfall are the strips of seaweed that often end up stuck in my teeth, so I have to be prepared with dental floss.

So tonight, I have some shopping to do, and I might give into the sushi craving. . .

I wonder if supertarget sells sushi?


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