Did someone say. . .Seitan?

Last weekend was spent in the North Georgia Mountains, with a great group of friends. The group consisted of three couples, two dogs, and outlaw kitten Willie Nelson. We picked blueberries, we went tubing (down 10 foot rapids!) and we ate some really yummy food!

I didn’t do any cooking, aside from picking out some lunch meat and assembling my sandwich for the day. But the other two couples did contribute to the food making (thanks guys!). One couple are vegan, and I felt inspired by eating with them for the weekend to start eating healthier. They introduced us to Seitan, which is essentially wheat gluten, but is used for imitation meats.

I’ve never been a big tofu fan. My mom went on a big tofu kick when I was in high school and kept telling me that it would taste like whatever sauce you cook it in. Not so.

But Seitan. mmmmmm. It’s a great meat substitute. When homemade it seems to have the texture of a turkey patty, and it tastes great grilled.

I don’t know that I could ever cut meat completely out of my diet, but now that I’m achieving more balance in my life, I’m hoping to have more time for cooking, and making smarter food decisions.


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