Pied Piper

We have become magnets for stray and abused animals.

First, it was Willie Nelson. We couldn’t turn away an adorable 10-week old kitten. He was outside in the Atlanta heat with no food or water, after all. He’s ours now, and we love him.

Then, it was a dog we called Muddy Waters. He just showed up at our door one day, all smelly, muddy, and cute. We couldn’t let him in because of the cats. Animal Control just kills puppies and kitties, so we didn’t want to surrender him. Probably would have taken him to the vet and made him ours, but after three days, we never saw him again.

Now, it’s Psycho Kitty. She’s our neighbor’s cat (we are 99% sure of this fact), but they keep throwing her outside and then leaving for days at a time. Her tail is all matted, and she hides in the bushes all day. That is, until Dallas comes home. Then she runs and jumps into his arms, seemingly to say “save me!”

She’s called psycho kitty, because she’s really sweet until we get her inside, and then she goes NUTS, and starts hissing and clawing and scratching. Perhaps this is why the neighbors (who I think are probably meth heads) kicked her out. Personally, I think she was abused. We can’t bring her inside full-time because we already have (3) cats.

Also, last night, another orange cat wandered over, but saw that we were busy, so he went along on his way.

We are going to become those pet hoarders.

No sign of her today, but if she comes back, I might try to take her to a pet rescue. I just can’t believe people treat their pets like this.

Or, we might have to start our own pet rescue.

This is getting out of hand.

Anyone want a kitty?


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