Workout Fail

My mom just had foot surgery a couple weeks ago. This is the second foot surgery in eight years. The last recovery required my sister moving in full time. This time, it’s not as bad, but we are switching off days “on duty” staying with my parents to help out, since my mom can’t really get around too well right now.

This has put a damper on my workout plans. I was SO GOOD last week with P90x, and then this week,I totally sucked because I left the DVD’s at my parent’s house (this week I was off duty).

So, I’ve decided I just need to run, when I can, and then fit in some other fun classes, like hot yoga. My life is just not conducive to P90X right now. I’ll try it again when I’m not jumping from apartment to parent’s house. It’s a bummer, I liked it the first week. I was in a little pain, but it felt good to exercise again.

So, workout fail.


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