Today’s Noshes on Friendship

I’m so proud of myself for posting consistently this week. Even though it’s just random spewing of my thoughts. . .wait, that’s the point. So I bring you — Today’s Noshes. It’s like deep thoughts, but with a food metaphor:

In my line of work, I have to read all kinds of magazine, and on a recent flight home, I was flipping through MORE Magazine and found this article. The author cites a statistic that “the average person now replaces half her friends every seven years.”

Now, granted, MORE is geared toward the boomer woman, but I’m not sure she’s too far off. This sounded harsh at first, but then I started to reflect on the article.

One of my best friends (since 5th grade!) recently wrote in advice to some of her students:

Realize that the friends you make now could be with you for the rest of your life…or you could hate them in a month. You won’t know which one it is until that time comes. . .

Remember your friends back home. They are the ones who truly know who you are and where your from.  Some of them will drift out of your life.  Let them.  You’ll find that when you do reconnect, it’ll be as if you never were apart.  They are going to change and you are going to change, but the ones that matter will always be in your heart, if not your day to day life.”

I think her brilliant words are applicable to every age (and I’m honored to call her a friend). I have changed over the years, there are friends that I’ve drifted away from for periods, only to reconnect and have the friendship grow even stronger. Then there are those from childhood, who I’ve completely lost touch with because of life, but that I hold a fond place for in my heart.

There are those I’ve hurt, or who’ve hurt me, and only life and time will tell if we somehow reconnect. There are the brand new friends. The random ones life brings you, someone who consoles you through job and relationship changes and someone who encourages you to get out there and try something new, the one’s you can relate to, and the ones that make you laugh. They come from where you least expect, and then they become such an important part of your life. It’s amazing how these changes of life show you who your friends are and brings you new and wonderful people.

I’m thankful for all of my friends, the new and the old, the lost and the found. Each of them teach me something about myself everyday, and I’m a better person because of it.


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