Monday Musings

It was an eventful weekend, so once again I present Monday Musings – kind of wedding themed:

Food news: This weekend was full of wedding events, and of course that meant lots of food! My favorite of the weekend was the mashed potato bar at the wedding. They offered regular or sweet mashed potatos with an assortment of toppings. I stayed safe with regular mashed, sour cream and chives. Dallas was more adventurous, and got everything on his, which included marshmallow, bacon bits, sour cream, brown sugar and chives. The wedding cake was also beautiful and yummy yummy. I think it was the same company that did my sister’s cake. delish!

Financial news:  So, I was warned at the Dave Ramsey event that I would probably have a big spending spree before starting the money makeover. And they were right, some of it was planned and some not. I bought a new dress, shoes and jewelry for wedding festivities mentioned above. I bought a variety of cool make-up as well. The unplanned expense was a visit to the Emergency Room with Willie Nelson. So, I’ll be reworking my October budget, since the first paycheck of the month comes in a few days.

General life news: So that brings me to the Kitty ER. Willie Nelson wasn’t eating, so we knew something was up. We’ve known from the beginning that he had feline leukemia, but I wasn’t totally expecting what the Vet would tell me yesterday. The Leukemia is infecting his bone marrow, so he’s going to go through bouts of sickness for the remainder of his life. She says his expectancy is to reach a year, maybe 18 months. Of course, we are praying for a long healthy life for our little guy, and we are going to spoil him with love and affection as long as he is with us. Please pray and/or send positive thoughts his way. We love Willie Nelson and know many of you do as well. This little cat brings joy wherever he goes.


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