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If you are super interested in watching me climb my way out of debt, or you just want to feel better about yourself hop on over to my new blog, wallet makeover to keep me accountable.

Willie Nelson is still battling sickness. He wouldn’t eat this morning, but I came home around lunchtime and he finally ate. He also just ate his dinner, plus Chubs’ and Shiloh’s leftovers. I’m taking this as a good sign. But he is still just sleeping most of the day. This is normal for most cats, but not Willie Nelson. He’s a supercat, superactive usually.

We’ll be taking him to the vet on Friday, but NOT BANFIELD. I would like to plead that you NEVER EVER take your pets to the Banfield on Ponce de Leon. They are awful, they don’t treat animals with respect. And they are incompetent. No bedside manner. (non-pet owners will laugh at me, but those of you with pets know that they are like our children).

I’m hoping he pulls through. We love him.


3 thoughts on “Blogs everywhere!

  1. We agree! Your pets should be treated like family. At Banfield, we want your pet to be a part of our family, too. We’re sorry to hear you feel this way about your recent experience at one of our hospitals. We’d really like to hear feedback from you – that’s how we continue to improve. You can reach our customer advocacy line at 877-500-2288.

    Best of luck to you and Willie Nelson!

    1. Danny,

      Coming from a PR and Marketing background, I understand that Banfield has probably hired your company to respond to any negative comments about Banfield on the internet. I feel for you, really, because you must respond to several of these a day. However, the company that is paying your bills should be ashamed of themselves.

      They are a corporation and out to make money. Done, final. Although you personally might care about the outcome and well-being of my cat, I can assure you, Banfield does not. Their consumer advocacy line is not helpful at all. Also, when we tried to cancel our wellness plan, we were informed we would have to pay out the rest of the year. Really? Is that good customer service? We voiced our unhappiness with Banfields service, but they care more about the dollars than their customers.

      The Banfield doctors we were “served” by seemed to rely on a computer to diagnose our cat. They took his blood, yet failed to actually read the results that would have told them that by performing the scheduled neuter on our cat next week would, in fact, kill him. They are also the ONLY vets I have ever seen that would forcible take a fecal sample from a cat. Then they get mad at him because he got annoyed and hissed and scratched at the nurse. That’s what cats do. I had to take my sick kitten into another vet, to tell us that we should stop giving him Banfield prescribed meds.

      So while I appreciate you giving me a number, that I could have found easily on the website, it doesn’t help. Banfield doesn’t want to help us, or provide us any type of compensation for our trouble.

      I used to get upset when people would complain to me and not tell me what they wanted. What do I want? I want Banfield to let us out of our wellness contract, because of the poor services they rendered at the Ponce de Leon Ave location in Atlanta. It’s what any good company would do. So if you can make that happen, without me having to call their horrible customer service line. Please let me know.

      I’ll be signing back up with VPI Insurance. They let you out of your contract at any time. and they are an insurance company. go figure.

      Thank you.

  2. Thank you for the candor of your feedback. I really do appreciate your response here.

    It’s troubling to hear that you weren’t able to resolve this issue with the Banfield customer advocacy team. Typically I see great resolution out of these discussions, as the client advocacy team will often reach out directly on a local level to help.

    As you probably understand, I can’t personally speak to your concerns about the veterinary care your cat received. I wish I could. However, I will absolutely pass along your feedback to the Banfield client team I work with. I know this may not be your experience so far, but I think you’d be surprised by how genuinely the team I work with at Banfield wants to help and continue to improve its services.

    Also, I just want to clarify the issue regarding your Wellness Plan. This is a common issue, but unique to each client, so bear with me if I don’t address your concern correctly. Wellness Plans are annual preventative care plans that are divided into monthly payments, structured to be affordable for clients. Plans cover specific services during the year, and clients can cancel anytime. However, if the total value of services used is more expensive than the plan itself, then we simply ask that the plan is paid in full. This prevents situations such as a client using ALL services in the first month, and then cancelling to avoid paying the full, or discounted, price for services. In other words, unlike insurance, the monthly payment is not monthly coverage – it’s simply how the payment is structured. Does this make sense?

    Again, please let me know if I am not addressing this issue correctly.

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