Monday Musings

Food news: Tonight, I’ll be going to a VIP preview for the new Buckhead Flip Burger! Maybe I’ll get to meet Richard Blais? Looking forward to some yummy burgers and cocktails.

Financial news:  I’ve been good keeping to my budget. Very proud of this week’s grocery shopping. I need to start clipping coupons. Also, there are items I didn’t account for that keep popping up – vet visit, my doc’s appointment, etc. Like Dave Ramsey says, the budget won’t be perfect the first time.

General life news: Last week was mostly centered on the kitten. However, I did get to see Dallas play a marathon set of drums on Saturday night. It’s a feat of strength to play all night with two bands. I’m impressed everytime I see it. This week will be mostly fun – taking Tuesday off for doctor’s appointments and general house maintenance, another show on Wednesday and then Friday is Bowling and TWO music shows! Guided by Voices on Saturday! Hoping this is a good week 🙂


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