I got no time

What’s going on this week:

  • The kitten isn’t eating again. I’m really worried. I’m hoping he’ll eat again this afternoon, but I’m having a hard time staying positive.
  • I have no time to exercise and it’s really starting to depress me. My sister and I have worked out a new mom schedule, which I’m hoping will give us both a little more time at home. I just need to sit down and carve out some time. I’m going to join a gym, because monthly memberships are great motivators (something new for my budget). I’m thinking of Urban Body Studios.
  • Some jerk stole my credit card, and went on a shopping spree to Marshalls and TJ Maxx. I hope they enjoy their inexpensive duds, IN HELL (or IN JAIL).
  • I’m exhausted, and the “day off” was really just a long list of errands. A take care of life day. So, on Saturday, I’m sleeping in, and I’ll clean the apartment really well. And that’s it.

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