Monday Musings

Food news: Sunday featured a visit to the Candler Park Fall Fest. The best thing about fests? The food, of course. We had Pallookavile corn dogs for the first time, and they were AWESOME. The owner runs Starlight Six Drive-In and this food truck makes appearances at local festivals and events. I had the corndogorama with jalapeno corn bread. Dallas had the same, but DOUBLE FRIED (no jalapenos); resulting in the biggest corn dog I’ve ever seen. Really huge. The type of thing that might intimidate a less confident man. We both devoured our corn dogs with enthusiasm. They are super tasty, so much better than the generic festival corn dog.

I also ordered the fries, and I’m still not sure how I feel about them. They tasted GREAT, but were a little limp and soggy for my liking. But the corn dog made up for that. Big time. I’m planning on enjoying another at the next fest!

To make the day even more momentous, I had my first King of Pops. I’m ashamed to say I’ve gone this long without one, but I’m happy to no longer be a King of Pops virgin. I had the Pomegranate Lemonade and Dallas had the Chocolate Sea Salt. PL was tasty and refreshing for the surprisingly hot October day. The CSS was “like a pudding pop,” also very tasty and good for someone who wants something like ice cream. I’ll probably be hitting up the corner now for pops. Also, the King has the same cell phone as me. Great minds.  

Financial news:  Two weeks has never felt so long in the financial realm. I’m pretty much broke until my next pay period, which is thankfully in a few days. Somehow, next month’s budget is projected to afford me more discretionary spending. Month one of budgeting was definitely an exercise in trial and error. Many unforeseen expenses. But I’ve learned for next month.

General life news: Willie Nelson (the cat) is eating again. This makes us very happy.

Saturday, we went to Guided by Voices. I had a very quick education in GBV before this concert, and I am most definitely a fan after seeing them live. Robert Pollard is a true performer. I never tired of watching him, or any of the other members. He knows how to put on a show. Even at 53 years old (according to the always accurate Wikipedia), this dude can rock. I’m glad I got to see their reunion show and they rocked the Buckhead Theatre!

So on Sunday, after some discussion of the awesomeness of the show, I had a brilliant idea. Dallas has a big birthday coming up, let’s see where else GBV is playing on their tour, and make a vacation out of it. Well, turns out they are playing in NYC the weekend we were planning to visit in conjunction with a work trip. Not only are they playing, it’s their FINAL stop on the tour. Last time we might get to see GBV EVER. So, I purchased tix on EBay, and now I’m praying they actually arrive.

I also cleaned my apartment this weekend. It was much needed. Trust me.


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