Monday (Tuesday) Musings

Monday musings is a day late. I was sick yesterday.

– Food news: Not a whole lot of eating news from the weekend. Dallas did bring me a pumpkin pie pop from King of Pops. Very very yummy.

 I didn’t feel so hot on Sunday night/Monday. Still don’t feel so hot today. My food intake has consisted of a cup of coffee thus far today.

 In sort of food news, I watched the Oprah with Portia de Rossi/de Generis about her eating disorder. Very enlightening for anyone, especially those who have suffered from some kind of eating disorder, or felt general pressure to diet. I might buy her book now.

 – Financial news: New month, new budget. Vet expenses sadly went on the credit card I paid off last month. It’ll be paid off again this month. And, since someone stole it and I have yet to get the replacement from the CC company, I can’t use it. . . I should call them and find out where it is. It’s been a while. I hope the new one didn’t get stolen too.

 I’ll post more financial news on the other blog.

 – General life news: This week is super super busy before heading out of town to NYC for play/work on Saturday. Also, my cats are vomiting everywhere. It’s getting really disgusting.

Monday – sick

 Tuesday – back at work, at mom’s tonight

 Wednesday – Cirque du Soleil preview night! Thanks for the invite!

 Thursday – Hospitality Hall of Fame volunteering at Atlanta History Center

 Friday – at mom’s, then packing for NYC

 Saturday/Sunday – NYC for Dallas’ early birthday weekend extravaganza


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