Pita Pit Reunion

As I anxiously await the opening of Pita Pit in Decatur, I was happy when I realized that I would be near a Pita Pit this week. Yesterday, I went to Athens, to participate in the PRofessional Connection event at UGA (a public relations program for college students in the major).

After participating in a career fair, I decided to fight the rain and traffic back to Atlanta. But first, I ventured over to the Pita Pit!

I ate at Pita Pit in Orlando pretty much every other day during the brief time I was there. It’s really the only thing that I miss from that place.

I read recently they’ll be opening up soon in Decatur, thus making Decatur even more awesome than it already is (I mean, you can’t beat Brickstore Pub or Leon’s Full Service).

But, I got my fix of Souvlaki Pita yesterday. I’ll be back in Athens for fun in two weeks.  I might try the “local” which is souvlaki AND gyro. . . sounds amazing.

In other news, head over to Sublime Donuts today. They are sampling a NEW DOUGHNUT. It sounds devine. Check them out on Facebook.

I’m hungry.


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