New York is Cold

Tomorrow morning, Dallas and I head to NYC for his early-birthday weekend of fun!

Of course, this means I have to pack tonight. I’m realizing that I have no winter clothes (I think I got rid of them all during the two month hiatus in Orlando). New York City is cold.

It’s so cold, that was one of the reasons I decided to move back south after spending a year working there, and four years shoveling out of blizzards in the finger lakes region.

New York has a lot of buildings, which creates a lot of wind, which means, not only is it bitterly cold, but it’s even worse with a little something called “wind chill.”

So although I like to visit New York, I’m not really looking forward to bundling up. Mostly, because I’ve forgotten how. And I’m ill equipped with clothes.

The funny thing is, temperature wise, NYC and Atlanta are about the same right now. I just know it’ll FEEL colder there.


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