Back from NYC!

I just got back from my work/fun trip to NYC this weekend . . . and I ate . . . a lot.

Of course, I didn’t take any photos, but I’ll run down the highlights:

McSorley’s Old Ale House: Started out the weekend with my former college roomy (affectionately called my “wifey”) and her boyfriend at this famous pub. It was PACKED. Mostly packed with sailors, and maybe even, with runners carbing up before the big New York Marathon the following day. We ate usual pub fare – cheeseburgers and fries! – which was pretty much necessary because we were drinking two beers at a time.

El Cantinero: We continued a tour of the world with Sangria and chips at El Cantinero, a favorite spot for wifey and her love. I quickly realized we would need to slow down a bit if we planned to continue drinking throughout the evening. The menu looked great, but all we had were chips and salsa. We had places to be!

-Irish Haven: I’ve been hearing about Irish Haven for a long time, so we HAD to go. And I’m glad we did. It’s an honest Irish Pub, and also a star in the movie The Departed. You’ll know the scene. Cranberry juice. I almost ordered it, but thought better. I didn’t want my head bashed in the back room. We spend the rest of the night drinking, partaking in food brought in for the bartender’s birthday, and enjoying the extra hour provided by Daylight Savings Time.

-The Famous Cozy Soup n’ Burger: Because we didn’t eat enough the day before, we ventured to Dallas’ old NYU favorite. It’s a cool diner. I ordered the gyro pita which was HUGE. I ate it with a knife and fork.

-The Smile: My cousin met us at Cozy Burger, and suggested The Smile for drinks. I loved it. The Smile has the same ambiance of Bookhouse or Brickstore Pub in Atlanta. If I lived in NYC, it would probably be my hangout. Had a great pinot noir there, a good break from the beer of the previous night.

-The Algonquin: We moved on Monday into business mode, and I had reserved rooms at The Algonquin. This historic hotel is best known for the Algonquin Round Table and Matilda the hotel cat. It’s included in this story because I L-O-V-E their lobby. Drinks are pricey, but it’s such interesting people-watching. You get a feel for “Old New York.” And the couches are comfy.

-Buddakan NYC: O.M.G. This was a crazy meal on Monday night. Awesome, but crazy. I think our waiter was on crack. I can’t even remember what we ordered, but it was all good. I remember lamb in particular. I love lamb. You all know that. Also, we were there for about 3 hours, so definitely budget time if you go. It’s a one-stop evening.

-Balthazar: On Tuesday AM we met a reporter at this cute little French bistro. I had the quiche, which was tasty at the time. I have to admit, I was getting some indigestion after all of the eating. After this meal, I needed to lie down for a while to let my body digest.

Ilili: Our Tuesday lunch appointment was at ilili, a great tapas restaurant on the lower east side. I couldn’t fathom eating any huge meal for lunch, so the tapas (or mezzas) were perfect. The pitas were light and puffy. My favorite item was the brussel sprouts, which I usually don’t like, but these were flavored perfectly.

Our crazy culinary tour ended at a sports bar in LaGuardia airport, where I nibbled on some limp chicken fingers and quesadilla, paired with a house pinot grigio. I swore I would never eat again.

I’m just hoping all of the walking we did countered the eating.

So see you next time NYC!


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