Monday Musings

It’s rainy today, I’m tired and I need to squeeze in gym time, so today’s musings are short 🙂

Food News: I updated on the NYC eating. I’ve been in recovery since then. Also, had a really good meal at The Porter last night. Highly recommended to all. Especially the goat cheese fritters. Totally undid my gym work.

Tonight, I’m making Chicken Picatta and tomorrow night I’m making the yummy, wonderful pot roast.

Financial News: broke brokety broke. Actually, I got paid today, so not as broke, but still poor. Still workin’ the Ramsey, just had to depend on the evil CC for some things this week.

Life News: I’ll have to do a separate post on my trip to Masquerade with my friend Heather to see Bonobo. It was an interesting night. More to come. In the meantime, I’ve renewed my LA Fitness membership and am hitting the gym, when time permits. I think after the holidays I’ll be able to go on a regular basis, or I’ll just have to start getting up at 5 a.m. I’m sore today from yesterday’s session, although I found this awesome ab machine.


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