Monday Musings

Life News: Starting with life news, because it’ll lead into food news. I took a long weekend to go on tour with my boyfriend’s band New Terminus. I rode with a friend (who is dating the lead singer) in her car – that I lovingly referred to as the Girlfriendmobile. The boys rode in the band van, so they could talk about band stuff and be manly men on the open road.

I learned that touring is fun and exhausting. And also that I shouldn’t drink too much on the first night, because then I’ll be burned out by night two.

It was a ton of fun though, and I spent most of Sunday sleeping and recovering from two days of non-stop excitement.

Now I’m getting ready for the holidays. I’ve got a two and 1/2 day week, followed by Thanksgiving and a post-Thanksgiving beach vacation.

Food News: I exercised Friday morning, because I knew this week would involve lots of fried food. Aside from a healthy dinner of a salad at Mellow Mushroom, I ate a lot of junk. Tasty junk, but junk. And since exercising won’t be possible until after the holiday, I know I’ll  have a lot of post-holiday work to do at the gym. Do I hear a new year’s resolution in the making?

Financial News: I don’t wanna talk about it. New Year’s resolution #2. I’ll be good after the holidays.


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