Fish Taco Fanatic is Engaged!!

I thought I had posted this about a week ago, but I guess not!

Over Thanksgiving, this fish taco fanatic got engaged!!

I’ll probably definitely be talking about wedding stuff on here. And yes, there will most likely be fish tacos at the wedding. . .ok maybe not.

To start, we secured a wedding planner. She planned my sister’s wedding and she’s fantastic. She will keep me sane for the next 8 months during the planning process. She’ll yell at vendors for me, she’ll manage day-of coordination, and she’ll keep me from becoming a bridezilla.

Coming from a PR background, I’m pretty OCD when it comes to planning events. But, I’m going to enjoy this wedding planning process and enjoy being engaged. I have a pretty new bauble on my left hand that is shiny and distracting.

And, this means I need to start eating better and kick up the gym work-outs. Of course, Wedding Diet might have to start after the holidays. We both have big families, which means LOTS of eating in December.

Well, I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving, and have happy holidays!




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