PURE Take Two

I thought about starting a new blog for wedding stuff, but it’s just silly to ask my five readers to follow me to yet another url. Also, this blog is as much about my life as it is about food, so until Sept. 2011, you’ll be hearing about our wedding plans also. But, right now we are just venue searching, list making, bridesmaid/groomsmen asking (still have a few people left to ask) and appointment booking. I’m looking forward to cake tastings and food tastings too.

I went back to PURE Taqueria on Wednesday night with one of my good friends, for our monthly catch-up dinner. I had been to PURE about a year ago and tried their fish taco. I think I just didn’t like the corn tortilla, and should have ordered the flour, but I was afraid to try the fish taco again, for fear of dissapointment. Instead, I had the brisket tacos, which were excellent. I also recommend the prickly pear margarita. I noticed on their menu that they offer a Skinny Margarita. I wish I had seen it before I ordered the prickly pear, but I did enjoy my calorie splurge.

This week was also my office holiday party at 5 Seasons Westside. Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to eat anything except for a cold turkey slider. I woke up last night feeling horrible, probably because it’s a bad idea to drink two glasses of red wine and a beer on an empty stomach. Whoops. They had lamb too, and I didn’t even get to eat the lamb. Boo. The party was fun though, and my office rocks.

I’ve been craving Chinese food like crazy. Whenever I would go take care of my mom (post foot surgery), she would tell me that she and my sister had Chinese food the previous night. Then, last week, my neighbor ordered chinese. I found out that not only can I hear everything that goes on in his apartment, I can smell it too. Since then, I’ve wanted Chinese. I’m hoping to fulfill this craving tonight.


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