Adventures in Registry

I love to shop. Love love love to shop. So when I realized that we got to register for stuff, like a HUGE chanukah list, I got really excited.

And then we sat down to register. . .

I never knew how hard it could be.

As a couple in our late 20’s/just turned 30, we have a lot of the items that might go on a registry. I have really nice pots. Between us, we have two sets of casual dinnerware and silverware. I have a TON of bar ware that I inherited from my grandparents. So we really had to think about 1) what else do we need, and 2) what do we want?

I was sick today with a sore throat and the beginnings of a  cold, and didn’t feel like moving from the couch, so I took today to tackle the registry.

I found that a lot of what I picked was in cookware. Cooking utensils, a few pots to supplement what I have, some new and much-needed Pyrex cookware. I also decided that yes, we would want fine china for entertaining, and in about 10 minutes, we picked out a pattern that we decided suited our taste as a couple. Aside from new items for bathroom and bedroom, we picked out some fun stuff too, for the “want” list.

It’s hard to pick out items to decorate, because we don’t know yet where we will be living. Our leases are up in May, and we’ll rent a house, but we don’t know the space we are working with, so I’m assuming a lot more will get registered come June.

But, in an afternoon we put together a pretty comprehensive list.



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