Venues, bands, and photos – oh my!

I’m 99.9% sure we have our venue picked out. Once the contract is signed, I’ll breathe a sigh of releif.

I’m trying to get big things like the band, the photographer and the venue booked before the holidays, because I KNOW there will be a rash of engagements between Christmas and New Year’s, and I don’t want those other brides stealing all the good music and photos. So I’m trying to be ahead of the game (insert evil laugh).

The problem is, I’m a little impulsive. For instance, photos are important to me, and I loved one photographer we met with and part of me just wants to book her and get on with life. We clicked, she has great photos, and she understands my vision. But, I know I need to check out some other photogs first, and make sure I’m not missing some dream photographer.

Then, we are searching for a not-cheesy wedding band that will keep our guests on the dance floor all night long. We are anti-DJ, so it has to be live music. I might end up with my sister’s wedding band, but I want to see what else is out there. I found one band that seemed to be a strong contender, but of course, they are booked on my date. Darn.

Of course, the nice thing about our venue is I don’t have to worry about a caterer or a baker. Check, check and check. Also, I’m 99.9% sure I’ve got the florist/event designer I want as well. So I really am ahead of the timeline.

I’m ready to get the big stuff booked, so we can get to the cake tasting, food tasting and dress shopping.


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