I’ve been snowed in for three days. Mon/Tuesday work was closed, and today is a work-from-home day. I’m proud to report I’ve been very productive both in my work and personal endeavors.  Of course, the personal endeavor to which I speak is wedding planning.

We have made serious progress for our wedding (I like checking things off of my online checklist, it’s a good motivator). Although some deposits are in limbo right now due to the weather, thus far we have:

-Negotiated the venue contract, which would be sent back already if it not for Snowmageddon 2011. This also includes catering and wedding cake. Check and check.

-Selected a band

-Selected our event stylist/florist

-Booked a photographer

-Booked a photo booth

-Booked a videographer

-Purchased my dress!

-Have a hair stylist (Thanks Kelly!)

-Ordered Save the Date invitations

There are still a million things to get done, but I feel good about our progress. Especially since some of the biggies are out of the way.




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