Tropical fantasy. . .

It’s cold out, and when it’s cold, I think about traveling to warm climates.

Luckily, we had a honeymoon to plan, so I spent a lot of time researching warm weather locales for a romantic and relaxing honeymoon.

Emphasis on the relaxing.

I knew that after 10 months of planning, we would want to kick back, and enjoy our honeymoon. Although I love to travel, and a visit to Ireland or Greece are on my top 10 list, those are active sightseeing locations. We are going to be exhausted.

I liked the idea of a cruise, but they were either a) too expensive when you factored in travel + alcoholic beverages, and b) Either left the day after the wedding, or a month later. I wanted to leave the monday after our wedding, giving us Sunday to spend with family, relaxing, and nursing any hangovers.

At my previous job at a PR firm, I represented an all-inclusive resort. I had the priviledge of hosting some media trips to Riviera Maya, Punta Cana and Montego Bay – all of which were beautiful locations. I liked the whole “leave your wallet in your room” aspect of this type of vacation. Oh, and the butler service. I like being waited on, and having whatever I want brought to me.

Of course, hosting those media trips, I spent most of my time in the internet cafe answering work email, so I never got to fully relax and enjoy myself. Well, this is my time to do that, AND I get to go with my new husband, AND it’s not work related. This is gonna be the coolest vacation EVER!

I researched several all-inclusive resorts, including the former client, looking at what you get for the money. In the end, the resorts with a good honeymoon package won me over, and a “preferred” level room as well.

So the winner?

Excellence Playa Mujeres!

The resort is south of Cancun, Mexico. Secluded and serene. I’m counting the days.
Of course, we are taking a chance, going during hurricane season, but I figure, even if it rains, we’ll just hang out here:
Not too shabby.

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