The cards are in a drawer

It’s a new year, and now that I’m through the holidays, I’m on track with one of my New Year’s Resolutions: Don’t Use Credit Cards.

Both credit cards are in a drawer, safe away from my wallet. One is completely paid off, which means that I just have the one card to pay down. My car loan gets smaller every month, and my student loans don’t bother me too much right now, but I’m paying toward them every month.

The biggest expense (other than credit cards) is the vet bills. Thankfully, our other two kitties are healthy, so I just need to be good about budgeting for when I need to take them to get their yearly check-ups.

But I’ve learned to put a little bit of money aside, for those unforeseen expenses, which seem to pop up a lot when you don’t want to use the credit card.

My sister got me a cool cash wallet for Hanukah, and it’s being put to good use. There are no credit cards in it!




2 thoughts on “The cards are in a drawer

  1. I haven’t used a credit card since 2009! You can do it!

    We put $100 aside every month towards vet/boarding/grooming/training. We were doing $150 in the beginning, but then we got through all the checkups last year and all that and started building a balance, and other things came up, so I backed it down. I hope to just cashflow some of the vet/grooming this year, and save the balance for major things or boarding.

    I do this for “repairs” (car or house) also. It felt so great to just hand the windshield guy a check and not have to stress about it. The money was there, and that’s what it was for. Same with the gutter guy.

    I am really impressed you are avoiding credit for your honeymoon! That’s the way to go. It was no fun to come home from honeymoon to the reality of our debt and housing problems.

    I just today discovered that, for the first time ever, I have more money in savings than I do in debt. It is killing me to not just write the checks. But, til baby is here safe, I have to wait it out.

    You will be so glad you did this before you got married, and it will make your early marriage so much easier and stronger!

  2. That’s a good idea. All of my extra income has been going toward debt repayment, so I should set some aside for vet.

    I also have eye doctor visits coming up, so I know I’m going to spend about $200 on eye exam/contacts, so I know to budget now.

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