Foodie Friday, umm, Saturday

I’ve decided to dub Friday – “Foodie Friday.”

So why is this post on Saturday?

I wasn’t feeling so hot yesterday, so next week, I promise I’ll be on the new blogging schedule. BUT I will talk about food today.

This week, I discovered Quinoa (keen-wa). On my mission to eat healthier and cook at home more, I came across a yummy shrimp recipe, served with this edible seed.

In my lengthy research on the all-knowing Wikipedia, Quinoa is related to beets, spinach and, tumbleweeds. I don’t like beets, I love spinach, and I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a tumbleweed on a plate – darn suckers just tumble away.

I’m lucky that my fiance isn’t picky – he’ll eat just about anything I make for him. I tell him to be honest with me if I make something that tastes horrible. I don’t want to keep subjecting him to something awful. But, he says he likes my cooking, and hey – he’s marrying me, so I must be doing something right.

Well, I was a little nervous about the Quinoa, not know what the taste or consistency would be like. This recipe mixed the seeds with feta, olive oil and tomatoes.

I’ll pat myself on the back, because I cooked the Quinoa perfectly, and mixed with the other ingredients, it actually tasted great!

It’s the only complete protein source among the plant foods, AND it’s gluten-free and easy for your tummy to digest. It’s one of those “flat stomach” foods.

I’ll definitely be looking for more recipes with Quinoa – and I’m about to enjoy some leftovers for lunch. Yum!


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