Monday Musings

Lookie, Lookie. Monday Musings is back!

Life News: It was a super-productive weekend. I picked up my wedding dress (yay!) and finished moving my fiance out of his apartment (yay!). Our next move is in four months, into (hopefully) a house. Renting, not owning.

Food News: On Saturday, we dined with Family at a childhood favorite, Bambinelli’s. If you are an Atlanta native, from the Northlake Mall/Tucker area, then you are well familiar with this authentic Italian establishment. I’ll have to blog in greater detail about it, but it’s definitely worth the drive, just for their garlic knots. Mmmmm.

Tomorrow night, I’m planning on dining at Holeman and Finch for the first time! I’ll be there earlier than 9 p.m., so no burger for me, but I’m excited to try it out, finally!

Financial News: The first two weeks of the year have gone great as far as my budget is concerned. My credit cards are still locked away in a drawer and my cash wallet still has cash in it!


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