Late to the party

OK, I’ll admit it. I’m late to the party. The Holeman and Finch Party. I hadn’t tried it until tonight.

Some things are worth the wait.

I’m lucky enough in my life to have not one, but two Erikas. This post involves Atlanta Erika. My other Erika – who I refer to as wifey – lives in New York, and I don’t see her nearly enough as I should or I would like.

I have known Atlanta Erika since around 5th grade. She moved in next door, and we bonded over playing barbies in my basement. Our friendship evolved into our teens; experimenting with hair color and watching ridiculous horror films in my bedroom (Night of the Comet and Tremors were our faves).

With both my Erikas, we can get busy and not talk much, but then pick up right where we left off, like no time has passed. I’m blessed to have these two wonderful women in my life.

Atlanta Erika and I have started a date night. We meet once a month to catch up, and we’ve turned it into a mini supper club of sorts.

We usually go wherever the latest scoutmob deal takes us, but H&F has been on my “must eat at” list for months, so that was our choice this evening.

and, OMG, it was awesome. Like, blow the rest of my eating out budget awesome.

Our waiter, whose name escapes me, was fabulous. I knew we would get along when I saw his skull apron. He took the time to explain the menu to us; I’ll admit, I was a little intimidated looking at the menu online. We took his recommendation on the steak tartar and also ordered the bacon wrapped trout, radish salad, and Brussels sprouts.

Backing up a bit, we started with cocktails. I forget what Erika ordered, it looked fabulous. I ordered a whiskey cocktail, named something like “boots and straps.” Anyways, it was mighty tasty.

The steak tartar came first. It melted in our mouths. The shoestring potatoes are actually more like dental floss potatoes, BUT, soooo very tasty, so not a complaint at all.

The radish salad came next. The radishes were thin-sliced and paired with a sort of grapefruit and I think Arugula.

Then, we were served the Brussels sprouts and trout. I’m a little obsessed right now with Brussels sprouts, and these were amazing. Smoky and sweet. I need to learn how to cook them like this, because frozen store Brussels sprouts won’t do the trick.

The trout was light, but perfectly paired with the bacon wrap for a little bit of sweetness.

We ended our feast with the Sticky Toffee Pudding. These three words are as sweet and satisfying as “I Love You.” One was definitely enough for two small girls to split. The perfect ending to a perfect dinner.

It’s not a cheap date, BUT it’s totally worth a small splurge. We managed to spend around $100, but we also had two adult beverages each. Also, our entree choices were a little more pricey. Be prepared that these are sharing plates, which was perfect for Erika and I. If you have a guy with a big appetite, you might want to come closer to 10, when they serve their burgers. Also the meat and cheese platters are a little cheaper and also good for sharing.

It’s a great ambiance, so definitely perfect if you are looking for a less expensive V-Day place. ALSO, they serve brunch, and they make MORE of their burgers for Sunday Brunch. Erika and I are thinking of bringing our boys here to eat burgers, and then go bowling.

Holeman and Finch lived up to my expectations. I’m glad I made it to the party.


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