Wedded Wednesdays – I need a Rabbi

We’ve officially hit the first speed bump in wedding planning. It seems I might be lacking a rabbi to perform the ceremony.

My family belonged to a Temple when I was a kid, and I was Bat Mitzvah’d, Confirmed, and all that jazz. My mom served on the sisterhood, and then on the board of directors. Seeing the “behind the scenes” working of a synagogue put a bad taste in my mouth in regards to organized religion. It also put a bad taste in my parents mouth, along with the hiring of a bad rabbi, so they left the synagogue. We’ve been unaffiliated Jews ever since.

I am proud to be Jewish, I’m proud of my Jewish heritage, but I honor my religion in my own way. I don’t think you need to belong to a church or synagogue to be spiritual. So I am spiritual in my own ways. This is my personal opinion.

I also didn’t necessarily feel like I needed to be married by a Rabbi to still honor my Jewish heritage, but it means a lot to my family. I want to honor my family, our religion and our traditions.

Well, when we approached the rabbi of my youth to ask him to do my wedding, he pretty much insisted that my parents re-join the synagogue. They have mixed feelings about this request.

So, here I am, looking for some other options or other Rabbi that will perform a mixed ceremony, without asking me or my parents to join a temple.


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