Monday Musings

Life News: This weekend was BEAUTIFUL! I had to be outside, so I did four miles each day on the PATH. I went out to Highland bakery, looped around and came back home through Little Five Points. I think if next weekend is nice, I might try to go all the way to the King Center.

I also met Dallas’ new niece. She’s adorable and tiny and has tiny little fingernails. So cute. I can’t wait until my sister has her baby, he’s going to be so spoiled. So. Spoiled.

Food News: We went to Maggiano’s last night for a friend’s 30th birthday. I probably undid my weekend workout with copious amounts of pasta, stuffed mushrooms and birthday cake. It was yummy and worth it.

I also made the spaghetti and turkey meatball dish that’s on the cover of this month’s Food Network magazine. Really easy to make and yummy. However, I was tired and forgot to add garlic to the meatballs. It didn’t matter, and was still tasty.

Financial News: Still doing good without the credit card. Still sticking to my budget. I’m realizing that I really like making my budget each month. This task feeds into my slight OCD tendencies. But, I really like having a money plan every month. Why didn’t I think to do this about five years ago? Thanks to my sister and Dave Ramsey for showing me the way.

Wedding Update (2/1/11): We have a rabbi! We are meeting with him this weekend. Another item checked off the list.


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