Wedded Wednesdays: Checklist Obsession

I am an INFJ.

In my second PR job, we took Myers-Briggs Personality tests and I found out that I am an I(ntroversion), N(intutitive), F(eeling), J(udging) personality type – one of the rarest types actually. INFJ’s account for 1-3% of the population.

Hmm, I knew I was different. . .

The “J” in me likes to plan my activities and make decisions early. Meaning, I. Love. Lists.

I make lists for everything – to do lists at work, packing lists for vacations, grocery lists (even for three things), lists of folks I need to assassinate and gain revenge on in the ‘hood, and most of all, wedding checklists.

I’m a little addicted to my wedding checklist – mostly the checking-off of items. I get this strange pleasure from clicking the little boxes on my site, and feel a sense of accomplishment when the task item dissapears from my list.

The big stuff is planned, so now we are getting into the little details of wedding planning – colors, cake, flowers, bridesmaid dresses, décor, music, etc.

The biggest item right now that I’m waiting to check off is mailing the save the dates. They are addressed, stuffed, etc. We are just waiting on some custom stamps, and then off they go.



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