It’s been almost a week since we started the “Eat to Live” program. And I’m feeling it.

In his book, Dr. Fuhrman states, “Stopping caffeine, reducing sodium, and dropping saturated fat from your diet while increasing fiber and nutrients may result in increased gas, headaches, fatigue, and other withdrawal symptoms.  These withdrawal symptoms are temporary and rarely last longer than one week.  Eventually the high volume of food and high nutrient content will help prevent long-term food cravings.”

Cutting out my morning coffee has been a challenge. I’ve been super fatigued, to the point where I could barely get myself out of bed yesterday. Without giving too much TMI, some of the fatigue has to do with some, let’s say, other “biological” factors, but I’ve NEVER felt so tired.

However, on the plus side, I feel hungry again. This might be a strange statement, who would want to feel hungry on a diet? Well, I feel full and satisfied after each meal, but I feel legitamately hungry by the next meal.

I’m able to actually listen to my body and eat when I’m hungry, not just out of boredom, or because it’s time to eat. I haven’t felt true “hunger” in a long long time. There’s something satisfying about waking up in the morning with my stomach grumbling. I feel like my body is actually able to do its job.


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