Spring PURGE

Despite staying up all night on Saturday (after a fun night in Columbus, GA and a not-so-fun drive back in the rain Sunday AM), I managed to get started on spring cleaning in the apartment.

My tiny tiny apartment is packed with stuff. I have too much stuff. Most importantly, I had too many clothes.

I have clothes from college, clothes from my first job. . .yes, even a few items from college. It was time to clean the closets.

I’ve been holding onto some size zero items that I haven’t been able to wear in five years, except for a brief few months this year when I was on the super stressed out diet. I also found a double zero (who knew they even made that?) pair of  shorts that I wore in college. I doubt I can squeeze a thigh into those things. I didn’t even try.

I made a rule, anything I hadn’t worn, looked at, or thought of in the past two years went in the goodwill bags. I’ve got eight bags, EIGHT BAGS, of clothes I’m getting rid of.

I came to these conclusions:

1)I’m going to have to buy all new winter clothes next season. Everything I had was old, worn out, holey, or I just didn’t like it.

2) I need cuter pajamas. Seriously. I’m getting married, I should probably have cuter stuff to sleep in. Although I did keep the giant flannel pants with kitties all over them, because those cure the flu. I’m convinced.

3)I need more tops that can be casual and work wear. I’m lucky I don’t wear a suit everday, so I need some more day-to-evening type clothes.

Tonight, I do the actual cleaning, sweeping, wiping, scrubbing of the teeny apartment.

I can’t wait to move into a bigger place.


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