This S#!T’s for Real – Eating to Live is Hard, Kinda

I stole that phrase. . .I think it’s copyright is owned by one former colleague of mine.

It’s week two of eat to live, and my body is giving me mixed signals. I feel a lot better than I did last week, but man, my sugar craving is at an all time high.

I’ve been tempted by cupcakes, photos of wedding cakes, and a bag of sunchips that hitchhiked its way from Columbus, Ga. to my kitchen. BUT, I haven’t touched any of it. And it’s HARD.

I’m staying strong though. I’m eating healthy and sticking to Eat to Live during the week. I’m a little more lax on the weekends, but 90% of my diet is E2L approved.

However, I will fully enjoy and partake in the food offerings of the following:

Baby Showers (two for my sister coming up)

Wedding activities like –

Engagement parties


Cake tastings

Food selection tastings

Bachelorette Party

and of course, The Wedding

AND The Honeymoon

I signed up with my friend and bridesmaid for fitness Bootcamp in April, so that will be an added healthy push.

I’m going to go eat the rest of the blueberries in my fridge now. . .and an orange. . .

Oh, how I long for a cookie.



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